Hi! I am Anjuli Rajprasad

Hi, My name is Anjuli Rajprasad. I love writing, hence this blog :)  The name "Beyond Frills" came from my belief that looking beautiful is easy, it's being beautiful that's difficult. I believe that we need to look beyond the embellishments and cover ups and seek the real beauty in the world.

If any of what I write about here resonates with you, feel free to connect with me on social media or just drop me an email!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Reading!

Be the happiness you seek...

Be the happiness you seek...

What do I write about?

Beyond Frills:  About the issues that matter, beyond all the glitter and glory.

My Diary: Anything that touches my heart and needs to be penned down.

Lifestyle: How to be happy and make life more meaningful.

Fashion: The things that I find interesting in clothing, accessories or personal style.

And then there is Photogallery where I try to post what I capture in my camera.