What does it feel like to be a woman?

There is so much that I can write on this topic, that I may have to do a series of posts on this. But I wanted to at least get started today. 

There is much that gets written about "being a woman" and how incredible it is to be a woman or a mother - all giving, enduring and patient. But how many actually know what it is actually like to behave like a" woman" to grow up as a woman, and to be a "woman".

As soon as you hit puberty, you realize that the world is supposed to be different for a man and for a woman. Delhi Police is planning to put a ban on ladies' nights at specific places because the crimes against women in places like Delhi are increasing by the day and the move shows the helplessness of the law enforcement system against the perpetrators of the crimes. The same helplessness can be seen when employers encourage women to leave early from work. Working Women's hostels have strict rules about how long can the women stay out at night. We see such rules in most households too.

So what is it like to be a woman? To grow up as a woman? My earliest memories about growing up as a woman are being alert and watchful, to not walk alone in a lonely street and to walk as fast as you possibly can when a guy starts chasing you, I actually recited a mantra, every time that happened. There is an inexplicable fear that looms over your head, which you don't consciously think about, but it surfaces every time you find yourself walking alone on a lonely street.

I cannot possibly explain this to a man, and if you are a woman you probably would know what I am talking about. 

But as you grow up, you try to deal with it. You understand that you probably are stronger than people think you are. 

And then you realize that the stronger you feel, the stronger you become. And there comes a time when you overcome this fear, you trust the universe and don't hesitate to take an auto-rickshaw alone at 10 pm, because you know you can't leave workplace early everyday, because you love your work and can't let your fears conquer you.

So yeah, it's a slow process but it happens, you conquer your fears instead of giving in. You trust people instead of doubting them and more often than not, it works. And you prepare yourself for the worst, in case it doesn't.

Our journeys are very different from a man's. But this post is not about "Men vs Women". But it definitely is about acknowledging the fact that they are different and that it needs to be appreciated. 

I have so much more to write on this topic. And I will. But another day. It was a busy day at work today, and it is too late for me and I need to call it a night. But I will be back, hopefully very soon.