Make love, not war...and use condom!

I recently watched a documentary called "A beautiful planet" and got to know that from Space, our Earth appears to be a border-less world except for India Pakistan border. I can't possibly explain how sad I felt watching that. 

There is not a single day when I don't hear about tensions at India Pakistan border, on some more unfortunate days, a soldier lays down his life. This makes little sense to me - human beings killing each other for tiny pieces of land, I don't know how it makes sense to anyone, really.

I watched Dunkirk a few days back. The only thought I had in my mind after watching the movie was that wars are ugly and the effects of wars, especially on the soldiers are devastating. Even when a country wins a war, the soldiers either lose their lives or if they survive, they lose their peace of mind for the rest of their lives.

Forget about countries fighting with each other, there are wars that are being fought within. There are people with different ideologies, different political affiliations, different belief systems fighting with the ones who have a different point of view. The social media has only made things worse. The hatred being spread in 140 characters or at the click of a button is sickening. 

There is so much hatred in the world right now, that at times you just feel like shutting all your electronic devices so that no bad news may reach you, or no bad vibe from you may reach anyone else.

And then there are battles that people fight day in and day out. The poorer you are, the worse it gets. 

I lived in Mumbai for a long time and on the way to my office, crossed an area where people lived in shanties. I wrote a blogpost about it long time back as well and I still have the same admiration about the spirit of people living in those shanties. Their drive to survive and prosper despite all odds is commendable.

However, I have the same question that I had in my mind a decade back as well. And I write this with a disclaimer that I probably don't understand this because I don't have any kids as of now. May be the desire to procreate is stronger than the limitations created by our socio-economic conditions. But I want to understand how can anyone bring into existence a life that they cannot provide for. Why do kids have to die of poverty ever. Why their lives have to be sacrificed because of poor decision making of their parents or perhaps the urge to procreate which I don't understand right now.

We live in a world where resources are limited and the people fighting for these resources are increasing exponentially. We are fighting for every possible resource, because as we all know the fittest or the most resourceful is the one who survives. There are wars and battles being fought, lives being sacrificed, every single day!

This needs to stop. War is never the solution. We all know this. We fight nevertheless.

Can we not make love instead? With the only request that we use precaution when we do, we need to be responsible for the lives we create. We cannot bring a life into existence only to see it die in front of our eyes. Because it simply doesn't make sense. Despite the urge to pro-create, can we not pause and think if pro-creation is actually the beginning of a beautiful life or a ruthless end to one which did not even get a chance to blossom?

Can we all, for once, make sense, please?