Believe that you are beautiful!

The first step to looking beautiful is believing that you are beautiful. The more you believe in yourself, the less you would look for other people's validation on what you look like. 

"Be yourself, that's probably the most attractive thing you can do"

Each one of us look ordinary when we wake up in the mornings, and that's perfectly alright. The more you would compare yourself to the filtered pictures on social media, the more you would feel you are not good enough. And guess what! you are wrong! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! all of us are. Some of us just spend a huge amount of time looking beautiful, when all we need to do is to try to BE beautiful instead.

Alright, if you insist, here are a few tips to looking beautiful:

1) Wear something that you feel comfortable in:  Just because something in fashion doesn't mean you would feel comfortable in that. Here I am wearing an assortment of different pieces from different stores across the globe. The skirt is from a store in Shirdi (Maharashtra, India) that my husband got for me. The top is from "FabIndia" (India) and the scarf is from a "Milagro" in Hampden (Baltimore, MD, USA). So whatever you feel comfortable in, wear that, instead blindly following what is in vogue.

2) Use the kind of make-up that your skin likes: I have tried many brands and my skin doesn't care for the most expensive brands but it just likes what it likes. Unless you are using absolutely cheap make-up that adversely affects your skin, don't go crazy over brands. If your skin is happy, you should be do! I love "Bare Minerals" and it works for me. As far as lip color is concerned, I have tried many expensive ones, but the one that looks the best on me is "Rum Raisin" from "Revlon".

3) Wear comfortable shoes: Here I am wearing Cole-Haan, with a little bit of heels, I am not a heels person, and can't even carry them off well. Therefore, I stick with either flats or very little heels. But if you can carry off heels well, go for them. I only wish if I could wear all those beautiful shoes with pencil heels, but sadly I can't.

4) Accessories: Once you are done with your choice of clothes, make-up and shoes, don't forget to accessorize your look with those dangling earrings or that beautiful necklace that you last got for yourself! I personally prefer not wearing anything on the neck when I am going heavy on the earrings,I will write a post on accessories soon. So yeah, here the earrings that I am wearing are from "FabIndia" (India).

5) Last but not the least, be you: No matter what you wear, if you can't be yourself, you can't look beautiful. So remember to be yourself, always! and don't forget to wear that beautiful smile of yours, and your are good to go!

So yeah, go out there and be yourself! Because YOU are beautiful!