What do you do when you hit rock bottom?

There are times in your life, when you hit rock bottom. You just are at the brink of losing all hopes, and that's probably the worst thing that can happen to you. Because hope is what keeps us going, that motivates us to do better, that makes us believe in the fact that things are going to work out and there will be a better tomorrow. But then what do you do when you see absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel? Where do you go? 

The answer isn't a simple one. It is difficult and there is no way to sugarcoat it and give motivational gyaan here. The fact is that all the motivational gyaan at this point will make zero sense to you, the idealistic BS will not work, not one bit.

So, what do you do?


Yes, just be. Experience the emotions. Cry, Scream, Get angry, Be YOU. And then introspect and think, think ahead, don't brood over the past, you cannot change anything about the past. All you can do now is have a plan for the future and implement it. Maybe you made a mistake, so what? we all make mistakes, there is neither anything to be ashamed about it nor it is the end of the world. How you deal with the consequences of the mistakes you made, decisions you took and roads you traveled define you and defines what lies ahead in future.

There is nothing wrong in being upset, but remember that being upset is a static state, you need to get up and do something in order to get out of the static state. No one can help you, the only person that can help you is YOU. 

I know it is easier said than done, but there is no harm in trying. Remember you have hit the rock bottom, there is nothing worse that can happen, all that can happen is going to be better than what it is now (remember "Jab We Met"?)

We can only do so much in this life, and then there are things beyond our control. We need to accept those things. Living in denial won't help. It never does. Change the things that are in your control. Do the things that you possibly can. And try....just try to not lose hope!

Things are going to get better. Trust me.