This Summer for me is all about Skater dresses!

Summer is my favorite time of the year, especially because you can experiment with different kinds of clothes. This Summer, I wore skater dresses for the first time and immediately fell in love with them. The ones that you see here are from one of my favorite stores, Nordstrom. Skater dresses are light weight and easy to manage, they are great if you go out even on a real hot and sunny day. I wore one to Honfest this year and felt great! I especially like the length. The dresses also give your body great shape, without you making any efforts towards it.

I like the fact that these weren't too expensive (within $50) and actually were available in many colors. I am almost tempted to order a few more. Another thing that I like about skater dresses is that you don't need too many accessories to enhance your look, they look elegant with as little as a pair of matching earrings.

You can wear them as formal wear or casual just by choosing what you pair them up with, I love the flexibility about them! So, skater dresses for me are the clear winners this season!