Fun dress for this Summer and shopping tips for busy bees! :)

Summer, as I have stated earlier, is my favorite season. I love dresses and Summer lets me wear my favorite ones. This is one my favorites dresses that I got this Summer, and to my surprise, the least expensive one too (more on this in the shopping tips section of this post).

I love the length of this dress and the fabric is light and really comfortable. I especially loved the back of the dress, which was unusual and really cute!

I got this dress from Nordstrom and the more I shop at Nordstrom, the more it is becoming my favorite store!

I am not too fond of high heels so I paired this dress up with a cute pair of Steve Madden sandals that I ordered from Nordstrom as well.

This dress was perfect to go out on a stroll on a sunny Summer evening.

Now SOME SAVVY Shopping tips for busy BEES like me:

I have a full time day job and I go to law school in the evenings. This blog came into being because currently I am on my Summer break (from School). But I plan to make time for it even after my fall semester begins, now that I have started it! Here are some savvy shopping tips for people who are busy:

1) Try to avoid shopping in-stores on weekdays (shop online instead) - since you are massively tired, the chances are you would end up getting something in a hurry that you may not want to keep and will have to return ultimately.

2) Once you know what stores you like and also your size, there is no better blessing for busy souls like me, than online shopping. It's easy, saves time and the hassle of driving to that crowded mall. You can sit on your couch in your pajamas and get a lot done!

3) Register with the online stores/subscribe to their emails - It feels like a hassle but actually has its perks. You get discount coupons on email and also get to know if something that you recently bought has been marked down. This is exactly what happened when I got this dress. Immediately after I got the dress, the prices were marked down by 40% and I got to know this because I had subscribed to the emails from Nordstrom! I returned the one that I got at the regular price and ordered the one with marked down pricing! 

4) Get memberships of the stores that you really like. I hate credit cards but I always pay in store once I have used the store credit card, this saves me the stress of remembering when to make the credit card payments. Look for the days when a particular store has special discounts for members and you can combine other discounts with your membership discounts! 

5) Shopping from factory outlets is a great idea but don't stress too much about it. Most of the factory outlets don't have the stuff that the retail outlets carry. So even if you can't visit a factory outlet, retail stores offer enough discounts to make the trip worth it!

More tips later! until then have fun with some Summer shopping! :)