How to be Happy!

You may have seen people who join laughter clubs, get together every morning and have a hearty laugh, first artificially and then once they make a conscious effort to laugh, they actually start laughing.

Life is a mixed bag of emotions, you can’t be happy all the time. But sadness is addictive, and weirdly satisfying. Once you get into the “sad zone”, it takes a massive amount of effort on your part and at times on the part of others to get you out of that sad zone. So before your fall into the hollows of this “sad zone”, try making some conscious efforts to make and keep yourself happy.

Our desires are unlimited and resources limited. Our desires are beyond the limits of right, moral, legitimate or attainable. So what do you do? Sit in a corner and cry? hell no! Just because you are not getting what you had desired, your life cannot come to a standstill. Or let’s say, your aptitude doesn’t match your aspirations, what do you do? kill yourself? NO! that’s not going to help, either you or anyone around you.

Instead, try this. Try making a conscious effort to be happy, to do things that bring peace to you, that make you happy. Figuring this out can be a painful process. Like for example, all through my semester, I was waiting for my exams to get over so that I can start writing my book. Now that my semester is over, I am not getting any ideas in my head to start writing, so yeah, in times like these, listening to sad songs and reminiscing about the good old days or thinking about your unfulfilled dreams and crying buckets seem like easy ways out. But don’t fall for them. Give happiness another chance, please :)

Sadness is attractive, but Happiness is blissful. Happy people bring positivity around, they make the world a better place to live. I am not suggesting that you should run away from hard times, I am suggesting instead to not fall for the trap of sadness. Try doing things that are positive, like watching your favorite TV show or reading a good book or going for a walk or just chatting with loved ones. Happy people are also healthier. I think you owe it to your body, mind and soul. This life is precious, give it the respect it deserves.

Happiness is not elusive, we just don’t try enough to catch it. We instead prefer the laps of sadness because it is easy to grab. Try taking that one small step towards happiness and you will take leaps towards your well being.

Try it.

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