Let someone be your happiness, let that someone be you!

We all want to be happy, and that's a good thing. We've got only one life, why not be happy or at least strive for it!

Have you looked at little babies and kids and wondered why they are so happy most of the time? Because their happiness is tied to themselves and they are simply unhappy when they aren't happy. That didn't make sense, did it? let me explain it a different way. Babies and little kids are happy until they aren't, meaning their happiness is tied to them. They think of themselves all the time, THEY want to be fed, THEY want to get changed, THEY want to be entertained and THEY want to listen to lullabies to go to bed when they really want to. Their happiness is tied to what THEY want to be healthy and to be Whole. 

As we grow up, this seemingly selfish behavior gets diluted. We start tying our happiness to others, most of the time a certain someone. We WANT this one person, we make this one person our happiness, we want this one person, to feel whole. In this process, we forget the things that are important to our well-being. We spend sleepless nights to get one reply to the texts we sent to this one person. We feel devastated when that one text  never comes. We fall sick and stop caring about ourselves because somehow we convince ourselves that this one person is our happiness.

And guess what, because we make someone else our happiness, our happiness is now at the mercy of this one person, if he/she texts us, we feel at the top of the world, if he/she doesn't, our life is not even worth living. But let's not blame this one person because the chance are that he or she isn't even aware that he or she is your happiness.

Let's move over the romantic angle and let's take our professional or school lives, for example - our happiness is completely tied to what others think of our work. When in fact if we concentrate on putting our best foot forward and giving our best without getting distracted with what others would think of it, we probably are going to produce our best work ever! Because it made us happy, because we were happy while doing it, without the pressure of being better than someone else and concentrated instead on being our best.

So yeah, when we focus on us, we can probably be happier. Try to put your well being at the center of your universe. This doesn't mean you stop caring about others. You work on your happiness and what makes you happy! And do I need to let anyone know how much happy we get when we take care of our loved ones or help out fellow humans?

Let's strive to make ourselves happy without tying our happiness to someone else. 

Try doing it and let me know if it works for you. Because it definitely does, for me :)